Welcome “Baby C”

I am finally an auntie!  My bigger sister* had her baby boy on the third of December (my birthday!!!)  I have seen pictures and he is definitely a cutie 🙂  Now I get the best of both worlds – I have a little girl and can buy clothes for her, and now I have a little nephew for whom I can buy all the adorable little boy clothes 🙂  Little sweaters, and vests, here we come!

I had wanted to paint her some pictures for the nursery; her set has been one of the projects I’ve had on the go for quite some time.  Remember the snail I had up the the blog?  That was the first of a set of five I painted.  For the longest time I was waiting on canvases – no one had the size I had started the snail with, and I couldn’t imagine any other size working out.  Nor did I want to repaint my snail.  When desperate times called for desperate measures, I had to choose a different size after all.  To my delight, I think the set really worked out beautifully despite my reservations.

I think animals are so cute for little kids rooms.  This was a fun, albeit stressful (because of not being able to find canvases) set to paint.  I hope you like them!

Christmas Movie: A Christmas Carol (we didn’t finish it yet …)

Jesse Tree Day 9: Exod 12:1-14:31 – Passover and the Exodus

*I use bigger sister since Petra-Ann lived with my family as a student for a couple of years and she became one of our family.  I was in high-school at the time and my room and hers were both downstairs.  I had lots of late night chats with her; she was a great “older sister” role model for me during those years.  I love you Petra-Ann!


3 thoughts on “Welcome “Baby C”

  1. Cindy, this series of paintings are absolutely adorable!!! I love them! I want to keep looking at them! They would also make great fridge magnets! (smaller size of course! )

  2. Cindy,
    I love the pictures, but I love you more! Thank you so much. Sawyer is going to love looking at those bright colours. David is so thrilled with the bug theme and I guess we really did know we were having a boy :0). Sawyer sends you a cuddle.


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