That’s a Wrap!

Yesterday was the first day I sat down and started to wrap the small amount of presents we will have under the tree.  Andres and I are both of the opinion that it’s good not to spend too much at Christmas, since that’s not really what we think it’s about.  However, I’m a bit more on the spend side, and Andres is a bit more on the save side.  Every once in awhile, we have a good discussion about how to meet in the middle 🙂  For me, it’s not about the amount I spend or don’t spend, I love to give.  In my opinion, it’s fun to buy thoughtful gifts, and to me, the cost doesn’t really matter so much most of the time.  If our family has made a limit on how much to spend (as in, my family has opted to choose names this year, and there is a money limit) I like to spend the full amount, sometimes, squeezing a couple extra dollars in if I can.  If I get things on sale, that’s all the better, because I’m getting more bang for my buck.  This year, I have had to hold back a bit since we now have our Bunny, and it’s pretty darn easy to find things to spend money on! (Fingers crossed, I’ve only splurged on one Costco sleeper so far!)

There is one thing I wish I could give more of at this time of year, and that is paintings.  I like to give paintings as gifts when I can.  I think it’s a thoughtful and personal gift.  The only problem is, I would have to start these projects come January and continue on through the year.  I don’t think there would be very much room for any painting opportunities such as commissions or gallery exhibitions.  Art in the Park probably wouldn’t happen.  By the way, I’ve already started thinking about new magnet sets for next year – that is a show I definitely will have to be planning in advance!  So, usually a couple of people will get a painting, but that’s it.  This year is no exception.  I have been busy with my RCMP commission and so haven’t had time for much else in way of art-making.  What about you?  Do you make personalized gifts when you can?  What is your craft?


Jesse Tree Day 15: 1 Kng 17:1-16, 18:17-46 – The Threat of False Gods

Jesse Tree Day 16: 2 Kng 18:1-19:19, 32-37 – Faithfulness and Deliverance


4 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap!

  1. Hi Cindy, I so agree with you. Christmas has become so commercialized it actually makes me sad. Over the past few years we have told our children that for Christmas what we would like is for them do to something for someone in need. Instead of buy gifts for each other Uncle Peter and I make a donation to the local Mission.

    p.s. The painting looks lovely in my kitchen, thank you very much!


    Aunt Leanne

  2. The painting is really cute – I guess you found a little time for something besides the commission. Very cute 🙂 I think Christmas can go either way. Some people are way too over the top with gifts, and probably don’t really understand the real meaning of Christmas. Then there is the scrooge side, not wanting to enjoy the gift of giving or parting from some of their hard earned money. It is more blessed to give than to receive, and there really is a joy that comes from knowing in your heart you helped someone in need. I like to give to my kids because I love them, but I also love to give to families who have nothing. I LOVE Christmas 🙂 Don’t let the commercialism steal your joy 🙂

  3. Cindy,
    We fel the same way about Christmas and have worked very hard not to spend too much. If I had my Christmas wish, it would be to spend a bit of time with everyone who is important me. You will be proud that I have not done ant Sawyer splurging.

  4. I agree with you Cindy… about Christmas and such… but also about having to start projects in January to make something for everyone. I was hoping to knit gifts for people this year and all I managed to squeeze in was a pair of socks for my sister’s birthday 🙂

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