Christmas Cheer and all that …

I went light looking with Andres and Bunny the other day and it was just so beautiful! Are there any “Christmas Houses” in your town or city?  Kamloops has two that we know of.  We discovered one of them on our outing.  Wow, what a big house, and WOW, sooo pretty.  For all you light-lookers out in Kamloops, check out Glenmohr Estates.  Make sure you go to the very end!

It’s been snowing in Kamloops pretty much non-stop.  I LOVE it 🙂

Andres is finished work for the next two weeks.

I have been baking a bit.  A friend gave me some starter dough for Amish Cinnamin Loaf.  It’s good.  REALLY good!

I am planning some finger foods for Christmas Eve so I can kind of take part in my family’s Christmas traditions.

I can’t wait for the Christmas Eve service.  It’s my favourite of the whole year, well, maybe it’s tied with Easter Sunday 🙂

We are going to try Cross Country skiing again hopefully today or tomorrow.

our Christmas movie last night was Elf.  I was reminded once again that although it has funny parts, I can barely deal with all the awkwardness of Will Ferrel 🙂

We didn’t end up watching the Canucks game even though we really wanted to.

I just used the word “Christmas” (including that one) 6 times! haha

The painting below is the first nativity scene I did, and really like the fact that for whatever reason, I put a palm tree in!  In my more recent ones (you’ll get pictures soon enough!) I’ve used fir trees, and moved from one canvas to a triptych.  The other difference between my first and later ones is the town of Bethlehem in the background.  I think that should be put back in 🙂

I hope your weekend has been filled with Christmas (7!) cheer and that it continues through the week 🙂

Christmas Movie: A Muppet Christmas Carol

Jesse Tree Day 20: Luke 1:39-56 – Joy


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