The Eve of the Eve

It was a Christmassy evening, I was making cinnamon buns

Andres was playing board games, my bunny was having funs …

she played by herself for a long, long time,

didn’t make a peep until she gave me the sign,

she rubbed her eyes telling me it was time for bed

then afterwards I got to make Jesse Tree ornaments and read (past tense to keep the rhyme)

the advent reading for the current day,

there are only three left until we’re through … yeah!

Below are the final 23, 24 and 25th

Along with a manger scene my friend made for my bunny as a gift.

(Isn’t this beautiful!  All the pieces are felt and come on or off, so next year Bunny gets a new piece to put into the manger every day.  And there is a pocket for each day too … my friend gave me little plastic animals so there will be a “surprise” in the pocket every morning too!  How fun 🙂 )  Thank you Mary!

Merry Christmas to all, thanks for following along the Advent Jesse Tree with me.  I won’t be back to blog probably until the new year as I’m heading up to Williams Lake to visit my family for New Years.  I will post new pictures at Bunny’s blog here and there so you can continue to check there if you’re up to it.  I’ll see you next year!

Christmas Movie: The Grinch (old school of course)

Jesse Tree Day 23: Matt 2:1-12 – Worship

Jesse Tree Day 24: Luke 2:1-20 – The Birth of the Messiah

Jesse Tree Day 25: John 1:1-18 – The Son of God


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