Black and White

I am really getting back into B & W paintings.  I just finished a commission for a client and did a playground in B & W with the wobbles as the colour pop.  I thought it was just gorgeous. (not to toot my own horn 🙂 )  The colour stood out so nicely, it really was vibrant.  And, it was the first B & W that I did with a lot of colours rather than featuring just one.  I had all the colours in there, so it still really looked colourful and cheerful overall.  The size was also fun to work with – I generally paint on 8 x 24 inch canvas, but I found an 8 x 16 and that was a really nice size as well.  I think I’ll be using that more often 🙂

I am onto a new canvas and am excited about what it will look like when it’s done.  It’s a moving theme, so all the wobbles are carrying furniture into the house.  The furniture will be the colour pops; think of it as though the wobbles are making the house a home with a unique sense of style and character.  In addition, if you think about how many people it takes to move from one place to another, it takes a lot of hands.  I imagine that all the wobbles are friends (who will be waiting for the pizza pay-up afterward no doubt.  I’ve personally be the happy recipient of the pizza, as well as the very thankful buyer! (This reminds me of a scene from “The Big Bang Theory” where Sheldon, one of the main characters, cannot believe that pizza is the “reward” haha, love that show)) rather than movers, which also gives the impression that the house will be full of friends often.  Andres drew this one out, and I never would have seen all the boxes and whatnot being carried in as he did.  A lamp balanced precariously on top of a table?  Perfect wobble design if you ask me, but then Andres is the creator of the Wobbles, so it makes sense that his ideas would fit his theme!

I feel like it’s also cool to observe how the furniture creates a sort of triangle shape, starting with the one wobble holding the left end of the couch, up to the peak with the lamp, and then back down to the tiny wobble.  Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci thought that triangles were the best shape to use while painting?  More about that in my next post!

Happy Thursday!


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