Milestones are fun!

Hi Everyone, well today is my 100th post – yup, pretty exciting 🙂

Moving on, it’s been an exciting week!  I’ve had company, Andres had a day off yesterday, it’s snowed over here and getting warmer (maybe enough for me to take Bunny out!) and tomorrow is Friday.  The weekend.  That means someone to help me get ready and out the door before 10:30 in the morning, if I want to that is.  And really, I have to start practicing because I’m starting up a mom’s group next week that starts at 9AM.  Since I’m the one heading it up, I have to be there EARLY to make coffee and tea.  Yikes.  I tried to get out the door twice this past week and failed to get ready before 10.  You see, I have been getting up about 7:30AM.  By the time Bunny is in a new diaper, fed and burped, it’s 8:00ish.  Then I need coffee.  After a couple swigs I check my email, and before you know it its 8:20.  That means what, 10 minutes to get ready before the process of getting myself out the door with Bunny in tow?  If I’m lucky, getting coats and socks on should take 5 minutes, and the drive to my destination is about 5 minutes.  That leaves me about 15 minutes to make coffee for the group.  Sound doable??  Barely.  There is no room for error in that schedule.  I’ll give you the update after the first mom’s coffee date (scheduled to happen next Wednesday)  In painting land?  Well, I got a bit done, but it is unfortunately not finished yet.  It just needs a bit of outlining love and it will be complete.

Do you have schedules that you find hard to keep?  What is your biggest time saver?  (I’m finding that a mirror is my new best friend – literally.  Bunny laughs at herself long enough for me to wash my hair 🙂  )


3 thoughts on “Milestones are fun!

  1. Keep the diaper bag packed at all times… best done when you get home from an outing. That way, you always know you’ve got the essentials together to go out, whether for fun or an emergency. If possible, keep your keys and purse (or at least drivers licence, debit card, and care cards) in a nearby place so if you do need to run, its a two stop flight out the door.

    My most difficult ‘schedule’ is tuesday only because that’s bible study morning. The only thing that helps is if the night before, i can gather those essentials into one area. Being out for the morning also throws off the nap schedule for the rest of the day so Sarah and I both end up slightly frazzled by bed time 🙂

  2. I agree with Sylvia. I also, find that keeping a small backpack in my van that contains the emerg essentials is key. I keep a change of clothes, because diapers leak, milk spills etc, a diaper (for us that means a night diaper and a daytime pull up), a pair of panties, socks, a blanket a cloth and of course ziplock bags to put anything soiled in. It’s a small pack because I roll things tight but it has saved me more than once. I always have a back up if I run out of something and i have enough to get me to home/suitcase/store if need be. Just don’t forget to change the clothes up once they’ve out grown the backup. I didn’t once and Beth ended up wearing jeans that looked like capris. Now I put in something slightly oversized.

    You’ll manage your mornings and the other thing to keep in mind is that if you’re late, it’s a Mom’s group – they get it!

  3. Getting to place on time is always a challenge with a little one (or more than one!). Depending on how the morning goes sometimes I find short cuts help… I’ll leave Sweetpea in her jammies or I’ll put Monkey in the car without his shoes on (I’ll put them on when we get there). Occasionally we have breakfast in the car… not ideal but it does the trick if we are in a rush. Heehee, not the best tips but c’est la vie:)

    I go to a mom’s group and our start time is 8:30am but most don’t arrive until 9 or a little after 9. So while you might feel a little stressed for the first few weeks of your mom’s group (especially as the host) I’m thinking that once you get to know the ladies you’ll probably feel more relaxed about getting on time to out the coffee on. Let me know how it goes though 🙂

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