Moving On Up

You’ll have to excuse the bit of yellow on the sides of my painting picture – I’ve been experimenting with a photoshop-like program to help brighten my pictures when the flash doesn’t do what I want.  I ideally want my images to be an actual black and white, with a bright colour.  What I’m finding is that if I use the flash on my camera, the canvas ends up with a sort of shine.  If I don’t use the flash, my colour isn’t nearly as nice as it should be.

Do you have any furniture or accessor(y)(ies) that you would be sad to part with?  Would you bring it with you regardless of where you moved?  I am pretty so-so about my furniture – for the most part, I’m ok with selling it off before I move and then off to the store I go to get some more.  I have also used online selling sites to look for some good second hand stuff.  It’s amazing what you can find!  However, there is one piece of furniture I’m loath (loathe?) to part with: my papasan chair.  It looks like this, if you’re not familiar with the type of chair.

This type of chair takes me back to my childhood days where some of my good friends owned one.  As a kid, this chair was AMAZING – it could double as a chair or as a fort.  I could sit in it along with my friends (two of them) as well as my sister.  It was such a cool chair!  And, as far as I knew, no one else had a piece of furniture like this.  As an adult, I have to say, it’s a great phone chair.  It’s so comfy, and you have to admit, it’s a cool shape!  I’m not sure what it would feel like if you’re a taller person, but for a shorter one it’s just the right size.  I got my papasan when Andres and I moved out of the university studio appartment and into a basement suite.  I remember that it barely fit into the car and to boot, a friend had to be “trapped” in the back with the base of the chair because for whatever reason we were giving her a ride somewhere.  It has followed us through three moves.  Every once in awhile we eye it and think to ourselves, is it time for something different?  We hum and haw, but really, I think Andres and I both really like it 🙂

Have a happy Monday, and … by the way, if you don’t want to comment on your furniture, I have an alternative:

Is there anyone out there who would like to “trade” some art?  I have been thinking about doing an ATC swap for awhile, but I’d need some interest from the viewers.  I wrote about ATC’s here awhile ago if you’d like to refresh your memory.  If you like the idea of participating, please know that ANY medium is acceptable!  I think it would be a cool idea.  If there is enough interest, I’ll organize the whole thing.  Let me know what you think!  Also, in order to get the most people involved, would you consider sharing this?  Just press the share button under the post!


3 thoughts on “Moving On Up

  1. I don’t at all have any art to trade but I do love the chair! The hair dresser we went to as kids had one and I can remember spending time hangin’ in there while my Mom had her hair cut.

  2. Hi Cindy
    I love my dining room table. It’s the perfect size and looks nice and cost me quite a bit so I think it’s the one thing I have to have. Other than that it would be great to get different stuff every time we moved. 🙂
    Love your blog.

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