Hanging up Pictures

Do you remember way back when I said one of the things I wanted to do around my house was put up a few pictures?  Yesterday we FINALLY did it.  I now have two beautiful pictures of my family at the top of the stairs.  I blew up a picture of myself and Andres, as well as Bunny.  It looks great, and I’m so happy they are up.  This has even motivated Andres to put up a couple more photos (he regularly could care less about what is on or not on our walls 🙂 )  So I have the go-ahead to buy a bunch of nice smaller frames (I’m actually thinking of something like this to put up)

I’m heading off to Walmart this afternoon if all goes well with some pictures on my USB drive that I can print off.  Having pictures up totally makes my house feel even more like my “home”, even though it has felt that way since we moved in.  Do you have a place where you put pictures of those you love?  A family wall of sorts?  Or do you just like to have pictures scattered throughout the house so you can see those smiley faces everywhere you go?

*Yes I have been painting, but I have so little done that I would rather put up a picture once a photo would do a bit of justice.  Right now all you really see besides a little green is a pencil outline.  You’ll have an update Monday if not before!


2 thoughts on “Hanging up Pictures

  1. I have arranged family photos around the house on different walls throughout. I like to walk around a corner or into a room and be able to visit with a different memory of the children or family events. My favorite frames are the school picture frames which are designed to hold a picture from each year the kids were in school from Kindergarten to grade 12. What a great way to see the maturing of a child, through pictures the school took per year and which otherwise disappeared into an box somewhere. I have also managed with very little effort to fill my walls with only paintings, etchings and photos provided by people I know or have met. I have very few pictures tucked here and there where I do not know the artist personally. I find that adds an air of comfort to the overall look. I am lucky enough to have some VERY talented friends and family.

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