The Playground Sandbox

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I think my favourite part of the playground when I was younger was the swingset, though my parents might tell you otherwise.  In fact, my backyard was a playground in itself.  My dad made a swingset and a playhouse for us, and we owned a trampoline too.  There was never-ending fun outside.  In our backyard, I probably liked the playhouse best – there were countless hours spent playing “house” and baking pies, re-arranging the inside etc.  I’m rather suprised then, that I haven’t done more paintings that reflect my backyard adventures.  It’s amazing how creative kids can be in any space.  Our trampoline was often transformed into a game of cat and mouse or became a fort underneath.  It was a spa in the summer in the shade away from the heat, and was part of a hottub race track in the winter (who hasn’t jumped out of a hottub and run accross a backyard / rolled around in the snow before jumping back in and then burning while the coldness of your skin mixes with the heat of the water?!)  We had a garden that in some ways was more like our sandbox.  My mom tried to grow veggies and I’m sure I ruined more than one row of carrots in my “baking” of mud pies.  The place I loved to dig in the sand was at the beach, making sand castles.  In Harrison Hot Springs there were sometimes sand castle competitions and people would build the most intricate castles and sand sculptures you’ve ever seen.  Andres and I had the pleasure of getting to visit a competition while we were in Germany a couple of years ago.  The sandbox seemed like an important aspect of this playground picture.

I really love the wobbles because they can transform into any picture and relate memories in a fun, colourful way.  What are your memories of the playgound?  Maybe I should do a “backyard”  or “playground” series.  Thoughts?


One thought on “The Playground Sandbox

  1. I’d love to see a series of these, but even more, I like reading your descriptions of them. You are a wonderful writer as well as a great and creative painter. I was transported directly to my own sandbox, garden, and this kindled a memory of covering all the furniture in our living room with sheets to make catacombs. It’s amazing I can remember that far back.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I really enjoy your blog, your art, and your writing. Patsye

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