Late Night Post

Maybe 9:30pm isn’t late for you.  Maybe you go to bed in the really wee hours of the morning, somewhere 2am onwards.  Me?  10pm is pushing my limits these days.  Last night I was up until midnight and I didn’t know what hit me.  What happened to my early twenties, when I could pull all-nighters and enjoy the next day?  Haha, I NEVER thought I’d be thinking these things, much less typing them 🙂  In the past, I didn’t take naps, they were for the weak.  I liked to stay up late and get up early to do as much as I could with my waking hours.  These days?  To sleep past 7am is absolute heaven.  My wonderful husband will often allow me to sleep until about 7:15am while he minds our Bunny.

Usually evenings are my painting time.  It just doesn’t happen during the day anymore.  Dinner needs to get put on the table, I have a child to feed (which is starting to take a lot more time since we’re starting to work on eating finger foods, so I’m not in charge anymore!) and play with, and I have to look presentable too! (Side note, this new years resolution is going quite well actually – make-up is not worn too often since I don’t feel I’m in need of it, but it does get dragged out every once in awhile!)  The problem is, my Bunny’s bedtime is probably the most stressful time of my day since there is no set time that it happens, and sometimes there are evening wake-ups that last up to two hours.  I cannot paint when I’m frustrated, it’s just NOT possible.  I’ve tried, and my heart just isn’t in it.  I have to want to paint.  It is obvious when a finished piece hasn’t been finished out of love, but out of habit and obligation.  It doesn’t have the same sparkle, or pop, if those words could be used.  They feel drab, not quite as happy as a wobble painting should feel.  So, usually when I’m not in the mood, I don’t paint.  There are times when there are deadlines that have to be met, but with a deadline comes a certain type of excitement, because you have the reason for the deadline in the first place.  Did that make sense?!  I hope so.  I have a deadline I’m toying with right now: Art in the Park this year.  I don’t know if I’m going to go for it or not.  I haven’t finished nearly as many paintings in the last two months as I had hoped I would, I know that if I signed up I’d be stressed about having enough new ones to show and having to paint more often.  Andres thinks it might be a wise decision to pass this year because then I wouldn’t be a yearly thing that people would come to expect.  Maybe waiting a year would heighten people’s interest in my work.  I don’t know.  I’ll keep you updated on this.

In any case, I did get some more work done on my current playground piece.  It’s starting to come together, if I may say so, and I’m liking how it is turning out.  It’s looking just like my concept piece! (how often does that happen?!)

Have a good weekend everyone!  If you’re in Kamloops, stay warm!


6 thoughts on “Late Night Post

  1. It’s hard balancing kids and life and pleasures, no matter what age they are at, what stage it’s all a balancing act that takes some getting used to. Give yourself a break! If you need to put off Art in the Park for a year so you can enjoy each piece you paint, take the break – you had a baby this year! And she’s wonderful and fabulous and that is HUGE! If you want to make it happen, then let your friends and family help (when the snow is gone there will be more to help :)!) and you’ll do it.

    PS. I miss sleep too, I can’t wait for it to return! Also, Elanie will eventually find ( our you will set) a bedtime that is consistant and it will help tons, I promise!

  2. I agree with Ashley. She is giving you very good advice. Give yourself a break! I’m an old woman (not really, but I keep saying that) and I feel like I can slow down and give myself more time to do what I want to get done. You have a very long life ahead of you, so what’s the hurry? Let people help you.

    I agree with you about not being able to paint under stress. It never works. It somehow comes out in your paintings. I can look at a painting and almost tell you how I felt when I painted it just by the way it looks. It’s like a reflection of my mood. So I don’t buck that any more. I paint when I’m happy, and I’m happy when I’m painting. There’s always another day. Patsye p.s. Your smile in your photograph is contagious.

    1. Patsye, I’m glad someone else can relate to making art and needing to be “in the mood” to enjoy it. I didn’t realize this until just recently. In terms of slowing down, that has probably been one of my biggest challenges since having a child. It’s hard! And it’s hard for me to allow people to help. I’m slowly getting better at it. But I am loving the rewards of being a mom at the same time 🙂

      1. And you are so lucky to have such a sweetie on your lap. By the way, I’ve tried to subscribe to your blog, but the “confirmation” email never arrives, and I have to go looking for your posts every few days. Is that a malfunction over here, or over there? Or do you know. Anyone else said anything?

  3. Hi Patsye,
    I haven’t heard of any other troubles with subscribing; I’ll have a look at all my settings to see if I can spot any problems. Thanks for letting me know; I’ll update you when I know more.

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