Art Project Critique

My brother is currently taking a photo class and the other week he wanted to take a picture of my bunny and I for an assignment.  He turned in the image and to his delight got a very high mark.  Incidentally, he thought it was a good picture, but that it didn’t portray what the assignment had been very well.  I have been in countless studio classes where the aesthetic or message of an image is subjective. Often the “story” I wanted to tell wasn’t interpreted the way I thought it would be.  And, I also found that novelty ideas and images often received better marks than “usual” images that the professors had seen too many times.  I am curious to poll all you who read my blog.  The picture that my brother handed in is below.  What do you think his assignment was based on the image?  Please comment and let me know!  I will post the assignment criteria at the start of Thursday’s post.  I’m very interested in your responses!

My brother’s art piece



16 thoughts on “Art Project Critique

  1. Hey girl…that is such a cute picture!!!! You are a good Mommy teaching your little “bunny” the art of taste of good art 🙂 Love ya!

  2. Oh, this could be so many things… but my #1 guess is that the assignment is “MULTI-TASKING MOMMY”!! Other ideas: FOCUS (no, not pertaining to the photo, to you… really, your arm must be very steady to paint and hold a toddler at the same time… and just look at the look on your face! You’re into it!); INFLUENCE (my guess is Elanie will learn to love the arts, or the exact opposite, yikes!); and LIGHT (because the light in the photo is the first thing I noticed, it’s lovely).

  3. I agree with Erin. There are many possibilities. If I were to title it, it would be Twenty-first Century Mom. But having taken enough of those classes myself, I remember one where the subject was to capture “true love.” So since there is so much love in this photo…. love of art, love of child, love of color, love of self, love of life…. my guess would be: Find as much love as you can and capture it in a photo. I think he did a good job. Patsye

  4. I wonder about mentoring as a subject–learning from another’s example? The light is also wonderful, connection, sharing wonder, sharing passion.

  5. My biases seem to be very different from those held by the previous commenters. I would guess the assignment was to take a portrait with natural light. Perhaps also backlit… but the above isn’t a classic case of backlighting so maybe not.

    I’m assuming the assignment had a technical aspect, if not then it could be anything.

    1. Thanks for commenting JonBen! I hope you are well. I’m not sure if there was a technical aspect to the theme, I’ll have to check with my brother …

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