*Update* I have my computer back, but it was late, so I’m going to post pictures tomorrow.  However, there were so many comments about my brother’s photo that I wanted to make sure to post the actual project theme!

My brother had to take a picture of someone struggling with the economy.  Don’t worry.  On short notice, I was the best he could find!  He does have a pretty good story of trying to get a good photo – I’ll ask him if he would mind if I shared.  Have a good night and check back for the painting photos tomorrow!

I have been without my trusty friend for the past three days.  I have gotten on fine so far but sure have missed checking out my favourite sites when I have a free moment and blogging!  (I am currently hovering over Andres’ iPod in a feeble attempt to connect!)

In the meantime, I have been painting a bit here and there, and have been really enjoying myself.  I have a project to paint five teacher wobble paintings, and am done two of five.  Being currently on maternity leave, it’s been fun to think about “work” as it pertains to my career in this way.  I get to remember all the wonderful things about being a teacher, and then I get to paint them! I will update this post with more thoughts and pictures when the computer gets home 🙂


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