Art on Saturday

Today had been a great day overall.  I took my Bunny shopping this morning to let Andres sleep in (he’s sick again!) and this afternoon, he watched the Bunny so I could paint (and go for coffee).  I am well on my way through my third Teacher wobble painting, and I’m really liking the looks of them.  The two you can see below are so different and I think that’s part of the reason I like them so much.  I have no idea what the “WILF” stands for, but it is something special the teacher who is receiving the canvas does with her class.  Sorry for the one being a bit shiny – I’m finding that some paints really have a glossy finish to them, while others are matte.

Wobble Teacher 1
Wobble Teacher 2

I have been noticing a lot of different art “out there” lately.  Two in particular are links that my education art professor shared over on facebook a few days ago.  So interesting 🙂

Also, one of my good friends just became a stylist for Stella and Dot Jewelry; this stuff is really gorgeous!  There are definitely some talented artisans out there. (By the way, I’m having a trunk show this month (very excited!) and if you’re interested in coming, email me at )  Or, if you’d like to check things out for yourself and maybe “like” her facebook page, go here!

In terms of art and art making, I am starting to think about a VERY big decision regarding my own art – am I going to return to work, or stay a SAHM?  (The implication here is that if I return to work, there will be MUCH less art making … which makes me sad to even think about!)  More about this on Monday.  Have a good weekend everyone!



2 thoughts on “Art on Saturday

  1. I was thinking the other day you should make wobble greeting cards. I have no idea how this would work practically or if it would be cost effective with all your time etc, but they would make great cards! :o)

    1. I have tried to make wobble greeting cards! Andres and I figured in the end that it wouldn’t be worth it unless we made prints, and we weren’t sure we wanted to do that. Only family got them that year 🙂 I’ll try and dig up a picture!

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