March Quick Takes (#3)

1.  Obviously I am on a playground kick 🙂  This is one of the teacher wobble paintings I did.  Can you see the special add-on for the teacher it was painted for?  If you can’t, look in the school window.

2.  I assume that everyone feels the same way that I do about Fridays : Excitement. Anticipation. Relief.

3.  It snowed again here in Kamloops and I am waiting very impatiently for Spring to arrive.

4.  I haven’t painted since Monday.  The pictures you saw on Wednesday and today are what I worked feverishly on during the weekend.  I have felt like I need a painting break.  I’m not sure how long, but it has been nice to not feel “stressed” about projects in general.  I am slowly feeling my creative juices fill up again.

5.  I have decided not to go for Art in the Park this year.  I am happy with this decision.

6.  I have been getting back on the make-up wagon.  A friend gently asked me the other day how that was going.  I said that make-up was for when I was tired, and when I wasn’t, well, I was getting lazy.  I thought about what I had said, blushed a little, and thanked said friend for reminding me that it’s a good idea to look one’s best, at least some of the time!

7.  My brother started a blog!  If you want to read up, go here.

8.  I am hoping to get to the pool this weekend with Andres and Bunny.  If we make it, it will be Bunny’s first time swimming!  I am very excited about this potential.

9.  I am hoping, hoping, hoping for some sunshine this weekend.


4 thoughts on “March Quick Takes (#3)

  1. OK. Where to start? I just pulled up a map of Kamloops. We’re so FAR apart. For some inexplicable reason I think (feel) people I write to are close by. But clearly you are not. I hope for your sunshine too, but you are so happy and perky I think of you as radiating sunlight every where you go.

    Makeup: well, sometimes I don’t put it on until just before my husband comes home. That’s because I get so busy I forget, and then when I get his call, I go in and re-brush my teeth and get as pretty as possible so I don’t look, well, haggard. How Leave It To Beaver is that? He probably thinks I do nothing all day. hahahaha

    Painting time is fun, but don’t let it stress you out. Non-painting time can be just as fun. I learned this long ago.

    Have a great weekend. I’ll send the sun your way. Patsye

    1. Thanks for your comment Patsye 🙂 Your husband must think you’re wonderful – you have accomplished so much in the past little while (well, you’ve accomplished so much since I’ve started reading your blog!) Thanks for sending some warmth – I hope it arrives soon!

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