One of my Favourite Art Books

If I ever need inspiration to make art, I know there are a couple of places I can usually look.   Art blogs and artists often stir up new ideas, and creating for the sake of creating can do wonders.  Reading can also invigorate my desire to make art.  I have this wonderful book called Letters To A Young Artist by Julia Cameron that is FANTASTIC at getting me “in the mood” to make art.  Within a couple pages, my mind is practically yelling at me to get out the paint brushes and just do something.  Without spoiling the book, it is about two artists, a writer and a painter, who write letters back and forth about their art making.  One is older and an experienced artist, the other a young, immature artist who wants to make it big.  Now, I don’t put myself into either person’s shoes, I just appreciate the banter of ideas.  For example, this excerpt really hit home with me today.

Anything you do can be done artfully.  Anything.  Your current scupture or painting.  The soup you make for dinner.  Your choice of kitchen-curtain material.  Did I mention your hair?  Hiar relaly makes a creative statement.  I know one writer who went through a shaved head phase, fairly shouting, “Watch out!  Artist here!” and now prefers a careful, normal guy invisibility.  “Average” hair.  No statement.  The fun of anonymity.  You may think I am being facile, but what I am trying to say is that every choice is a creative choice, not just High Art.  This makes all of life an art form and all of art a fine art.”

Cameron, Julia. Letters To A Young Artist. Building A Life In Art. New York, New York: Penguin, 2005

Isn’t that wonderful?!  I totally agree.  So, I decided that today I’m going to prepare my dinner artfully.  I still haven’t picked up my paintbrush, but I am wanting to more and more.  I am glad for this.  Have a good Monday!

This painting by the way, is probably my favourite of the teacher wobble paintings just because I so rarely “dress them up.”  How cute!  If you weren’t sure, this was for a social studies teacher who teaches Ancient Civilizations.


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