Outside my Window

My inspiration kept on building today, so much so that during Bunny’s naptime, I picked up my brush, and plunked down to paint.  I forgot to mention in my last post that I have another source of inspiration that I draw on sometimes: my visual journals.  They remind me what it’s like to have fun with art, rather than painting something planned.  I have pages with cut up credit cards glued on in an interesting pattern.  There are pages where I’ve written on the whole page, but not in lines left to right.  I have used many different mediums and it’s fun and enlightening to go through these books.  This morning when I pulled them out and had a little look through, I found a visual journal that hadn’t been used for art yet. (it had been written in at some point, but that could just be covered over with paint!)  So, when I did sit down to paint, I felt the urge to have fun.  To not wobble.  To just paint whatever was in me to paint.  (I was actually wanting to paint a landscape, which is weird for me since I generally don’t paint that!)  I looked outside my window and saw a rainbow of colours.  I found the tubes of paint I wanted, squirted some out, and just went for it.  It felt so good to be free of a plan!  And, luckily for me, the result is something I actually like quite a bit.  Happy Thursday!


4 thoughts on “Outside my Window

  1. I like this, and like the fact that you’re doing things like journals, something I’ve tried to do but can’t seem to keep up with. Very nice painting. And very interesting idea with the credit cards! Patsye

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