Wow, spring break came and went just like that.  I still feel like I’ve been kicked in the pants and need to catch my breath.  We went up to Prince George to visit family and friends and had a great time.  It was probably as relaxing as it could get considering we have a small child who doesn’t like to sleep well in new environments.  It felt so nice to visit and catch up.  The thing is, once we got home, it was nice to get back into a sort of routine, but Andres went back to work and I was all of a sudden smack dab back to full time parenting during the day.  That’s a blow that takes a bit of time to recover from 🙂  I do NOT know how single parents do it!  While I was busy trying to stay awake after many sleepless nights having fun with my toddler, there wasn’t much time left for painting!

My newest VJ-ing painting - Bunny's bunny!

She is crawling now, and has discovered that walking while holding hands is too much fun 🙂  So, my hands have literally been tied up recently!

the new bathrobe

However … I am headed back to my parents house as of Sunday for a couple more days of relax time.  There, while grama and grampa V. watch my crawling menace, I hope to have a lot of time to paint.  I am not setting large goals, especially in terms of size, but what I do want to accomplish are some artist trading cards.  I have had quite a few people contact me about trading, so I think it may be a go this next round!  Some of the ideas that I have wanted to do on a larger scale might work very well on ATC’s.  It will get my ideas “out there” and perhaps work as a sort of study to see if I want to pursue it any more or not.  I am also excited about working on my visual journal.  I think some of the reason I haven’t been painting is that I don’t have a goal anymore.  By goal, I mean that I’m not participating in At in the Park or any other up and coming art-something.  I have a bunch of canvases stuffed in my daughter’s closet without a home.

My daughter's closet!

So visual journaling is a good size for now 🙂  I am living somewhat vicariously through a new friend I have met online – she has been working hard getting ready to open up what she calls a “shooth” (shop / booth) and I believe she opened yesterday.  Check out her website to find out how it is all going – I am anxiously waiting for her post about the grand opening 🙂

Sorry it’s been a while getting online again.  It feels good to be back!


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