Getting ready for a May ATC Swap

Well, we’re definitely “springing into summer” here in Kamloops (its about time!) and all the warmer weather and sunshine has been really good for me.  Going outside is like having another room added to your home.  You can sip your coffee, relax, read a book, paint, or just watch traffic!  There are a couple of parks by my home as well, places I assume I will be visiting more and more as the year stretches on.  I have to admit though, as I think I have before, I’m not really an outdoors person.  I like sunny, not too hot, no breeze weather.  If the forecast has any variables to my equation, I may not want to go outside.  My bunny on the other-hand, LOVES the outdoors, so I have been trying to get into outdoor activities.  I started gardening (and my flowers are still alive!) and that has been more fun than I thought.  One of my next goals is to get a couple of patio chairs so I can lounge while Bunny plays.

While it’s not too hot out, I will be able to paint outdoors as well.  Once the heat starts pouring down (probably June) my paint starts to dry within minutes of putting it on my palette.  I have been slowly working on a set of ATC’s and am excited to show them to you once they are done.  When I say slow, I mean slow!  Mine are quite simple in nature, but they get a little bit done here and there.  I actually worked on my most recent one while Andres kept me company painting too!  (Any of you who know Andres well would know that although he comes up with the majority of the Wobbles ideas, rarely does he engage in the painting.  The result of this will soon be the subject of a post! )  I will keep them a secret for now because they are all really variations of the same idea.  My concept, however, came from this painting:

"Nude Descending A Staircase" by Marcel Duchamp

I hope the painting tweaks your interest! (No, don’t think dirty, it has NOTHING to do with that)

And speaking of ATCS, I did get quite a number of people interested in an ATC swap after my previous deadline and I mentioned that I would try again in a couple of months.  So, are there any of you out there who are still interested in doing an ATC swap with me?  The rules would be the same as before:

*I would need a minimum of 6 participants 

*Each participant would need to make 5 cards, and they would receive 5 different cards back

*The cards would be 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches big (cardstock is a great paper and inexpensive if you need to buy some)

*The participants would have a month to make their cards 

*Kids are welcome to participate

Write a comment if you’re interested, or share this on your facebook page (there is a share button below the post) and hopefully we can find enough people to make it happen this time!  I will be continually watching the comments and will make a decision in two weeks or once we have a minimum of six participants.  I look forward to hearing from you!


5 thoughts on “Getting ready for a May ATC Swap

  1. Would love to be a part of this… I have been making ATCs for at least two years now, and have been exhibited at the Richmond Art Gallery…

    1. I’m super excited to have you in the swap! Thanks for commenting. Do you have a website where I could check out any of your art works? I’d love to see what you’ve had in the galleries 🙂

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