A broken charger = picture-less post

Our beloved mac has taken a vacation this week whether it wanted to or not.  Our charger has been on the fritz for awhile, and the other day just decided to bite the dust.  This is very sad because all my photos and photo albums are on that computer and there’s no point in downloading any photos onto our temporary fix since then they probably won’t get moved to the mac.  So, unfortunately we’re picture-less for the moment.  That doesn’t mean that interesting stuff hasn’t been happening around these parts! We’ve been changing the look of our place for one.  We’ve sold some furniture and are looking to buy some new stuff.  There’s nothing like a little spring change.  Some of the pieces we had were quite bulky and having that extra bit of space, especially when we have a little place as it is, makes a huge difference!  Also, we celebrated Andres’ birthday and Earth week in the last little while.  Our biggest challenge was to compost, something we’ve not done before because we live in an area where the strata makes the rules, and composting is something I don’t think is in our limits.  So, I found a good friend who let me “borrow” her compost for the past two weeks.  It feels good to not throw so much away, although it is a bit of a different mentality, and a bit of extra work at first to remember!

Paint is continuing, albeit slowly 🙂  And speaking of painting, what about that ATC swap?!  We have two participants already and hopefully there are a lot more eager artists out there who want to be involved.   Check here for the details and please leave a comment!  I’d LOVE to hear from you and here’s hoping that we will get enough people to take on the challenge!  I am super excited to see what all of you out there will be creating.  Everyone’s style is so different and unique.

One of my next challenges in painting I think (that is after my ATC cards are finished) is going to be to create a “wobble landscape.”  I’m still not sure how the Wobble style is going to come through, or how I’m going to incorporate colour, but I think it will be a lot of fun!  In any case, I will try and post some pictures when I can.  Apparently that charger is going to take about a week’s time …


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