Spring Rain in Kamloops

The spring weather seems to finally have arrived.  It is so nice to see the leaves blooming on the trees and the flowers coming out.  We bought our first piece of outside furniture yesterday – a small bench for our patio.  I can’t wait to use it.  Unfortunately, the last couple of days the warm weather has been accompanied by rain drops, so there hasn’t been much chance!

Mr. Blue Sky: Acrylic on Canvas: 8x24 inches

I know I have posted this picture before, but it just seems so appropriate for today.  A bit dreary outside.  I can see the sun from behind the clouds and it wants to come out, but the cloud layer is just too thick right now.  I need to find some more fun activities to do outside, even when it’s raining 🙂  I’m more of an indoor person so today would be the type of day for me to read quietly or paint uninterrupted with a good cup of tea, (with my Bunny?  haha yeah right) take a hot bath, or maybe go out with a friend.  I may have to risk getting a bit wet and take a walk down to Tim Hortons, you never know.  Any ideas for rainy day activities outside?

I hope everyone is hard at work on their ATC’s!  I have now emailed everyone so you should have all the information you need.  I have one more card to make and I’m finished.  I may make a few extras actually, I’ve been contemplating expanding my gallery page so I have a space for my RCMP pictures as well as Wobble stuff.  If I do get more into ATC’s, I think it would be nice to have a space for them so it’s easy to find if people want to trade individually.  I hope you are all having fun making them!  I can’t wait to see the final results.

Are you a newcomer to my blog and have questions / want to join in the swap?

Email me at cindyswobbleshop@gmail.com and I’ll get you the information ASAP.  Our month to work on them has just started, so there would still be time.

Have a great Tuesday!


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