Art Room de-clutter (I need your help!)

So, I’m having a harder time with this than I hoped I would.  Realistically, I knew I would have difficulties throwing away some stuff, so I figure I’ll ask you all, and hopefully you’ll put in your two cents 🙂

Item #1:  Art supplies.  I have watercolour pencils, pastels, graphite sticks, construction paper, and ink that I will probably never use on my own again.  However, is it worth it to keep these items (they were expensive) for kids once they reach an age where they want to do art?  A friend once said to me that she thought it was a good idea to have good quality items for kids to use.  (No pressure if you know who you are!)  So, thoughts??

Item #2:  Art display items.  I don’t know when this will happen again, or if it ever will.  Is it worth keeping this sort of stuff?  Things like: foam display boards, hooks, wire, etc.

Item #3: Memorabilia:  So, I have a ton of scrapbooking stuff from a trip to Europe that Andres and I went on a couple years ago.  I never finished the scrapbook (I think I have like, 2 pages left) but I have so many booklets and pamphlets that I’m having a hard time throwing out.  Thoughts?

Item #4:  Half finished projects … any advice?

Any imput you have would be really appreciated!


5 thoughts on “Art Room de-clutter (I need your help!)

  1. Hi
    I recommend sorting into 3 piles
    1. get rid of -don’t want – donate to the Thrift Shop of your choice
    2. useable items to be donated- Boys & Girls Club of Kamloops
    3. Things/Items you will use at a later date- be honest with yourself when doing this task- box and label and store away
    Remember less is “more” I know you can do it !!!
    Have Fun & Good Luck !!

  2. Here are my two cents:

    1) Having good quality art supplies for you little one is important 🙂 But you don’t need a lot. One option would be to keep some of it (a couple pencils, basic pastel colours, a few graphite sticks, some construction paper… but maybe not the ink) and donate or sell the rest. Another option would be to donate/sell it all. Bunny won’t be doing too much art with them for a while yet. When the time comes you can purchase some new supplies in a few years once she becomes interested. This is a tough one, since art supplies are quite pricey.

    2) Again. I’d keep a few things that seem the most useful and get rid of some. I find that when I declutter an area that I have lots I “can’t” get rid of, I will go through the area in phases. I’ll get rid of a few things. Then, 6 months – 1 year later I go through it again, and get rid of more stuff.

    3) A thoughy… go though pamphlets/booklets you collected from you trip and keep only your favorites. Give yourself a reasonable number like 5 or 10 booklets. Rip out your favorites pages. Recycle the rest.

    4) Use them for another project (paint over them), get rid of them or finish them 🙂

  3. I’m not so sure about what to do with 1 and 2 but for 3 I would go through all the pamphlets and choose the parts that will help you tell it’s “story” later. Tear out the page, cut out the photo, whatever and then collage it, I’d use it as a collage boarder around a Wobbles painting of the trip (but that’s me). Either way, you can mount the collage behind some glass and voila memories saved without all the clutter. Then let Elanie go haywire in the clippings making a huge mess before recycling it all 🙂

  4. Hi Cindy
    Here are my thoughts
    #1 Keeping art supplies, whether expensive or not, for use later with either my own children and or their friends when they came to play was always worth wile. Kids are so creative and the more mediums they have to work with the better i think their creativity develops. It was always fun to watch them play with all sorts of supplies, laughing and giggling around the table. I’m not sure i would keep the ink though, that could get really messy.
    #2 I feel if the money has been spent on purchasing display items then the i would keep the items i found the most useful. I know you do not know when you would use them again but i think you didn’t see the last few display opportunities coming either. I really like Josee’s answer too.
    #3 Keep the pamphlets you relate too. Which ones promote the memories you treasure. Some pamphlets become out of date, recycle those. Keep the ones from places you would like to go back to. I always keep the historic information ones and not the train timetables although i have kept the map of the London Underground.
    #4 A friend of mine recently recovered from cancer was re-evaluating her time and part of the “new life” she is creating is to get rid of her unfinished projects because she does not want to waste any energy even thinking about getting them done. She gave them away to friends she knew would be a lot more likely to finish them then she would. On a visit I had with her last year she dragged out 30 pot holders she had been “going to finish” for the last 10 years and announced we would get them finished while i was there. We didn’t touch them so i “stole” them, finished them after i came home and mailed them back to her before she even noticed they were missing. DONE – thank goodness.

  5. I think that you should live with no regrets….although, that’s easy to say and hard not to regret. I wouldn’t “save” it just because of a memory. Take a picture and you’ll still have your memory. You don’t have room to “save” everything you’ll want to save. Supplies will still be in stores if and when you want to purchase them again, and really, it’s only money! If you want it, you’ll find a way to get it again. Just don’t beat yourself up for having decluttered.

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