Art De-clutter partial reveal


Here are the photos:

This is the canvas I got rid of.  Can you see why I didn’t for so long?  There’s so much detail already put into it.  But you know, I’m not looking back!  I feel good about not having it in my life anymore 🙂  The benefits of de-cluttering!

Here is the art we hung.  It looks great!


Thank you everyone for all your suggestions – they were very helpful for me in making some decisions that otherwise, I probably would have just pushed aside and ignored.  The most notable thing I threw out (besides some art supplies) was an unfinished painting that was not a wobble style, rather, a realistic style painting.  I had probably invested at minimum, 20 hours?  Of course, I have had this canvas in my closet for at 5 years hidden at the back.  I had a hard time finding time to work on this for all those years, and I can pretty much say for sure that after having a kid, yeah, there’s no way I will ever paint this one again.  So, I took a picture and into the trash it went.  I didn’t think I would feel as free as I did.  It is not my project any more 🙂  I am more available to work on other, more important things that are calling for my attention.

I organized “the box” and it now houses the display items that I need for shows, as well as any “business” type things like information cards.  I put the few art supplies I kept for my daughter in a place where I will find them easier.  My art counter looks and feels cleaner.  I went through my paint bottles and found some empties that were thrown in the trash.  Also, and probably most importantly, Andres and I put up some art that we’ve been meaning to put up for quite some time.  So, the closet looks less cluttered too!  Wow, what a great project.  I am not at home this week and forgot my camera cord, so pictures will have to wait until I get back.


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