June Quick Takes

1.  The mail is up and running!  Hurray 🙂  Hopefully I will be receiving the last couple of artist trading cards in the next couple days, sending them off and then showing you all the amazing work these artists have done!  I honestly can’t wait 🙂

2.  I have been painting double time lately because I’m so excited about my current project.  I’m painting a Wobble Princess Castle 🙂  And it’s so much fun.  I’m doing things quite differently – it’s a very pink colour theme, as you’ll see below.  I can’t believe I haven’t done any really “girly” paintings before.  This is surprising to me considering I would classify myself as a “girly” girl.  I love dresses, frills, pink, chick flicks, and I used to love barbies and dolls.  This somehow hasn’t seeped into my artwork.  I have some inspiration from Disney’s Castle (being quite a Disney fan) and the setting from Neuschwanstein in Germany (this castle is actually the inspiration for the Disney Castle!)  Andres and I visited this castle on our trip to Europe and it was AMAZING.  So beautiful and picturesque.

3.  We are taking our holidays as of this Thursday.  We are heading up to Williams Lake and then to Prince George to see some family and friends.  My sister is doing her final hair exam – and I’m the model!  I’m super pumped about this.  Apparently I will be getting a hair cut, colour, a style or two, and maybe more!

4.  Summer is here.  Sort of.  The weather is still up and down like a pair of pants.  We can have everything in a day: sunshine in the morning, cloudy lunch, rainy evening.  We’ve even been getting thundershowers with lightening here and there.  Who would have guessed that June would be so wet?

5.  My art area has continued to stay clean.  I am proud of this fact.

Do you have any “girly” ideas out there that would work well for paintings?


2 thoughts on “June Quick Takes

  1. A little girl playing with mum’s makeup or dresses, or maybe a mum/daughter playing with makeup together? Maybe some dancers in tutus? If you do some girly ones, maybe you should do some very boy ones.

    And i would love to see pics from your new do too!

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