The Farmers Market in Prince George

Andres, Bunny and I are in PG for the long weekend staying with friends and visiting my sister and her husband.  It has been very relaxing so far.  This morning I went to the farmers Market anticipating a lot of fresh fruit and veggies.  Actually, since much of BC has been having such cold weather (yuck!  Where is that sunshine and warm weather?!) , there wasn’t as much produce as I thought there would be.  The Okanagan wagan only had cherries, and most of what was on the tables were herbs.  But, there was actually a large variety of other booths that kept me busy for quite a while!  I had no idea that this is a location that welcomes many different vendors.  I have only been to the Kamloops Farmers Market a couple of times, and I only remember veggie and cookie booths.  (Maybe if I went on a regular basis I would have a different opinion!)  The Prince George Farmers Market boasts produce, fresh baking and salsa, canning, coffee, and a meat stand!  AND, they had more than one artist booth!  Of note, there was a sewing booth there, and she had mini sewing kits for sale – so neat!  The location for the Farmers Market is downtown so it’s nice to walk around and enjoy what’s there to look at.

My friend likes to visit the Farmers Market because they have good prices (most of the time better than the stores), the food is local, and often it’s organic.  For the most part, I couldn’t be bothered with organic versus not organic, since I’m not that educated in what actually means organic.  I know many businesses pretend to be organic and advertise as such, but many words like natural, green, plant derived, environmentally friendly can mean whatever you want it to mean.  Anything can be natural if you think it’s natural.  Plus, and I know this might be petty to some people, but the small amount I would save in buying from a market, I attribute to driving less or not as far a distance. Therefore, I’ve saved money in fuel.  I do, however, take the time when I can to buy local.  Why not support local business if I can?  The food should in theory be more fresh, and it’s economically helpful (less trucks / boats travelling = less fuel used I think is how it goes?)  Is there a Farmers Market or local produce area you visit where you live?  Do you go because you like the freshness, or for more reasons?  Is it worth it for me to visit my local Kamloops Farmers Market more often?


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