ATC Swap 2011 Results

Goodness it has been awhile!  Well, I’m back and have a couple of posts at the tips of my fingers to write about.  The first being that my Artist Trading Card Swap 2011 is done!  It was a lot of fun, to say the least.  Being the organizer of a swap is SWEET since I get to wait for finished cards in the mail  (I love mail!) and see what everyone has made rather than just receiving my new ones.  The artists did an AMAZING job on their cards; I feel privileged to own them.  I hope it is not too early to post my new collection and that everyone has received their packages in the mail; it was hard to wait!  Are you organizing a swap?  Let me know 🙂  Have you never heard of an ATC swap?  Check out my post about it here; it really is a great way to meet other artists and feel part of a collective of artistic professionals.  Not to mention new art.  I want to organize another one either late Fall or next Spring, so if a swap sounds like fun to you, let me know.  Also, if you want to trade up a card for a card, I’d be game!

We took a month to make and send 5 cards and I waited a little longer than I would normally to send them all back since Canada experienced a mail strike for about two weeks.  There was no official theme, although my personal theme for my 5 cards was movement.  I received everyone’s cards and sent everyone a different, new set of 5 cards.

Movement #1
Movement #2
Movement #3
Movement #4
Movement #5

I’m sure you can figure out what I was going for with my theme.  My daughter was learning to walk during the time I was making the cards and I thought it was a very appropriate theme to create her as a wobble 🙂  Here are the five beautiful cards I received, along with their artist, and website.  Make sure you check them out!

Created by Judy

 Judy’s blog

"Vertical Forest" Created by Jonben

Jonben’s website

"20 weeks: Mid-Day" Created by Josee

Josee’s blog

"Sunday's Rose" Created by Jill (Jill do you have a website I could put up? please email me!)


"Psalm 19:3" Created by Heidi

Heidi’s website

Aren’t they gorgeous?!  I think I’m going to buy a special frame and put them all up!  Needless to say I’m thrilled with the results 🙂  Happy Thursday everyone!  It’s good to be back – look for another post this Monday.  (For all you Bunny’s Blog readers, I’ll be updating with some pictures this evening, so come back to check 🙂 )


6 thoughts on “ATC Swap 2011 Results

  1. Serves me right for being underground for all those weeks. But I wish I could have participated and look forward to the next one, if you do a “next” one.

    Your Wobbles make me happy, as I am sure they make everyone who sees them happy. Great colors. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The cards are all beauty, Cindy! I’m sorry I missed it. Is there any chance you might be up for doing a personal 1:1 trade with me?

    1. Hi Amber, sorry for this late reply. I am totally up for doing a 1-1 trade, but you would have to give me a pretty long time-frame since I’ve been so busy getting back to “life as I know it” now. email me at if you want to get started! Thanks for checking out the blog.

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