A Wobble Castle

Here I am saying I’m back into the swing of things and I missed my regular Monday’s post 🙂  Oops!  It certainly isn’t because I don’t have anything to write about, if anything, there is a lot to say!  Summer has just been busy and I’m finding that my little bit of free time these days is trying to catch up on life.

So, what have I been painting lately?  My fairytale Castle 🙂  I had started this project before heading off for holidays, and to be honest, after returning home, it was a bit difficult to get back into the paint.  Sometimes, the desire to paint is there, but not the effort required to get started!  It felt a bit slow at first, covering up the canvas with another shade of pink, but between the mountain purple and the deep magenta of the doorway and windows of the castle, my excitement has come back to this painting.  I’m currently a bit stumped at what shades I should use for the two princess wobbles and the carriage, but I’m thinking and I’m sure the right colours will come to me soon!  (Any suggestions would also be helpful – what do you think of the pink scheme so far?!)

I originally wanted this painting to be a study for a larger canvas I thought would be a great show piece.  A lot of the Wobbles paintings do really lend themselves to childrens art, and when I think of myself as a small girl, I loved everything pink and feminine.  I think I would have LOVED a painting like this on my wall, although it is hard to say since Ariel the mermaid was my best friend for quite a while.  Since my time spent painting is small these days, I wanted to do a little canvas to see how excited I would be about a castle theme, especially all done in pinks and purples.  In a bigger canvas, the picture would also go beyond just a castle – it would need tell a bit more of a story I think, perhaps with horses and carriages?  Maybe a fairy playground?  I’m not sure what else will fill up the rest of the space.  Any thoughts?

Happy Wednesday!


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