A Wobble Castle (No. 2)

Well, it’s not quite finished, but all the colours are there and you can see what it might look like from the smattering of outline over the few windows and the two princesses!  I’m still really liking it and hopefully it will be finished later on tonight or tomorrow.  My young daughter likes to look at it, so I must be appealing to the right crowd 🙂

I don’t know if any Wobble picture could carry off a colour theme like the castle one.  Actually I think I’m lucky in my choice of colours.  Andres didn’t think it would work out and suggested that we make a regular colour palatte (all sorts of bright colours) to see which we liked better.  Afterwards, he still preferred the regular colour scheme to the pink one.  As you can see, my curiosity to see what a pink palette would look like won out (I’m the painter right?!) and now that Andres has seen the present canvas, he likes it better than what we had envisioned on the computer.  As I was looking at the castle today, I wondered where else I could use this sort of colour palette, for example, a Red/Orange/Yellow theme.  I couldn’t think of a place where it would work appropriately.  The only other one that I thought might be cute was a Blue/Green jungle theme.  However, I think in order for it to work, all the animals would have to remain their proper colour.  Otherwise, it would turn into a “Where’s Waldo” sort of painting.

Did I actually paint over the long weekend?  Yes!  Not a lot mind you, we were busy taking day trips to Salmon Arm and camping, and board gaming.  It was a fun weekend, and I am so thankful for a no-work-Monday!  What were you up to the last couple of days?


3 thoughts on “A Wobble Castle (No. 2)

  1. I like the color palette! It’s whimsical and happy. And what was the long weekend? Did I miss it? We just had Saturday, which was hot, and Sunday, which was hotter, and Monday back to work…?

  2. I love this painting. So cute! I was thinking a knight and dragon would make a fun boy painting. Maybe something for my Monkey’s room….hmmm…. 🙂

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