The Art of Baking Cookies

Well, today isn’t Thursday, but well, I have my excuses and that’s that!  Friday came along and my family packed up and headed up to Williams Lake for Thanksgiving, and what a weekend!  My body finally succumbed to sickness from lack of sleep due to a sick child (twice in two weeks) , stress from work and travelling (although the travelling went extremely well!) and I think, just being pregnant.  I took naps on Saturday AND Sunday (and if you know me, that means I’m really not well) and Monday morning, as we were leaving, I felt as though I might be on the mend.  The weekend was busy regardless of my sickness – my brother and sister with hubby were both there as well, so we had a wonderful full house and everyone got to enjoy each other’s company.  My sister and her hubby live up north, so we don’t see much of each other.  It was great to catch up and see them.  Bunny grows so much between their visits, so I really cherish their time together.

In any case, once we got home all the energy I could have put into the turkey and steak dinners we had ended up being poured into baking once Bunny was asleep.  This evening I made bread, muffins, cookies, as well as dinner for tomorrow!   And I must say, a little tip from a friend at work has helped me make much more artful cookies than previously.  (Although goodness knows they’re nowhere near perfection – only gramas know how to do that!)

Many of you bakers out there probably know this trick, but in the case that you don’t and your yummy cookies often turn out a little flatter than you’d like and don’t have that chewy center, this one little thing might just change your life!

Don’t microwave the butter/margarine!

Take the time to let the butter/margarine thaw out on the counter and then cream the sugar and butter together.  Wow, what a BIG difference that made to my baking.  Of course, this is the first time I have tried that, but I’ll definitely be trying it again, hopefully with similar results.

Where am I on the art front?  Well, I hope to have some pictures to share with you later on this week.  My students have been working towards painting seashore village scenes and we have had some wonderful Canadian inspiration.  I’ll try to have some links available next post.  Happy baking!


4 thoughts on “The Art of Baking Cookies

  1. Ugg I was sick this past weekend as well. I often forget how much easier it is to get run down when you’re pregnant. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving 🙂 Lovely cookies. Whenever I make cookies they get eaten up so quickly… be me 😉

  2. Glad to see you back posting! I am frequently amazed at how much energy this whole pregnancy thing takes. One of my cookbooks recommends taking cookies out a few minutes early and let them rest for a bit on the pan. Apparently it crisps up the cookie bottom without drying out the middles. I can’t remember if that was just for the choc chip cookies, though.

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