Bunny’s Crayons

I’m currently at one post a month and the speed of my life seems to be moving faster rather than slowing down.  I’m told that this happens and you may as well take hold of the reigns and hold on tight!  On top of two parents working, a little one in daycare and being pregnant (28 weeks and feeling well!) Andres and I have recently decided to put our house up for sale and look for a new home.  Yeah, as if we needed that!  I have been feeling stretched (sometimes beyond my limits) with tiredness, tidying, dinner making, my toddler, and work.  No, I haven’t had time for painting. I wish I did.  Last time this year I was getting ready for an art show in Salmon Arm and painting up a storm.  I had been comissioned to paint an RCMP inspired image, and it turned out beautiful.  This year, the most I can muster is getting out the crayons for Bunny to colour with and send those out 🙂  Goodness, how my time has changed!

Can you believe this picture was taken 8 months ago?
I had to post a current photo - this is my Bunny as of about 3 weeks ago 🙂 Wow, so grown up!

Generally I have a handful of homemade presents (ie, paintings) to give, but not this year. (unless, again, you want a picture by Bunny 🙂 )  I think I’ll be lucky if I get ANY Christmas baking done, let alone my usual making a gingerbread house and decorating early. (I can say goodbye to early decorating in efforts to keep our place uncluttered for viewings)  Luckily, Christmas music doesn’t take up a lot of room; this is how I’ve been getting my “Christmas kicks” so far.  This whole year has gone by so fast!  When I look at past pictures of this year, it’s amazing how much we have done.  I can’t wait to sit back and smell the roses for a few minutes!  Are you feeling busy with life lately?!


3 thoughts on “Bunny’s Crayons

  1. Yes, I headed back to work yesterday and Sawyer got sick and had to be picked up early from day care. David was able to do that and spend the afternoon with him. It is sure going to be an adjustment. I love the pics of Elanie. We took first year pictures of Sawyer on the weekend and they will come your way for Christmas. Hang tight my friend and we will talk some time this week.


  2. It is, and i’m not even working outside the home, unless you count our chickens 🙂 They’re not really that much work. Everyday chores take way more time than i expect these days. It doesn’t help that my own baby count down is under 100 days now too. I’m trying to keep a list of projects that need to done… hopefully nothing important gets forgotten.

    My sympathies on trying to sell. Finding a new home could be exciting, though. All kinds of possibilities.

  3. This is the best, absolutely best, time of your life. Only you’re too busy to know it. The babies will come and grow up and poof – they’ll be making their own babies and you’ll be a grandmother. Think I’m kidding? I’m not. Treasure every moment. The art can wait. The housework can wait. You are in the middle of the best this world has to offer, and I couldn’t be happier for you. If I even hear about someone pregnant, I start to relive my own pregnancy, and events pop up in my mind, and I remember things I made for my little guy, and I think of how I painted all the used furniture we bought for him (we had no money because his dad was still in law school), and found wallpaper we loved but was too expensive so we put it on only one wall. You could paint scenes on the nursery wall. Wobbles on everything!

    Enjoy this time because when you get to be my age you’ll be looking for things to do. I’m working on patterns for needle punch – actually designing the generic cover for all the patterns (in case I finish more than one!). It’s fun. But not as much fun as you’re having.

    Good luck in selling your home. We couldn’t give ours away in this market. We’re in Florida. lol That child is gorgeous, by the way. Lucky. Lucky. Lucky.

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