The Peppernut Party

Last night was a somewhat of a first for me.  Christmas baking has always happened around my house and since I’ve gotten married, I do most of it myself.  When I was young of course my mom, my sister, and often, my grama were around.  While we made lots of different things each year, peppernuts were always, ALWAYS on the recipe ‘to make’ list.  My mom started them a tradition before I really remember, but we always had these cookies around.  They take FOREVER, but their taste is totally worth it.  The last couple years I’ve tried to make them myself, and while I’ve made a couple pan-fulls, I haven’t gotten through even a 1/4 of the dough that one recipe makes.  The reason it takes so long?  These cookies are no bigger than your thumbnail.  I posted about them here last year; I was so proud of the fact that I had even attempted to make them.  This year though, I had a reality check.  I’m pregnant, tired, and have a toddler.  As much as I wanted to make this traditional cookie for my loved ones at home to munch and crunch on, I couldn’t do it myself.  So, I called up some friends and asked if they would be interested in having a ‘peppernut’ party with me.  I would supply the dough, and they would supply some of the labour required.  It took four of us 3 1/2 hours and a couple of Christmas CDs to accomplish the monumental task but we all left with some yummy goodies, and I was left feeling more than Christmassy.  Thank you girls for helping!  Now, not to eat them ALL in the next couple days!   Do you do any specific baking each year?

(Sorry for the lack of picture – The next few days are going to be full of baking rather than painting … )


5 thoughts on “The Peppernut Party

  1. I love that idea! I also love peppernuts 🙂 I did copious amounts of baking this year alone and while I love seeing the end result sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. Then I watch the girls each a cookie and think, “yes, yes it is”. They did try to “help” but mostly Audrey accidentally dumps flour on the counter and swirls her fingers in it and Bethany tries to eat anything she can get on her fingers….which is how she learned baking soda tastes “funny”.

  2. That’s a great idea! I confess that I haven’t made mine yet. Partly because my recipe calls for candied lemon and orange (is that common?) which I haven’t made yet and partly because I know now labour intensive it will be to make all those cookies. I think I’ll make them sometime next week. After all Christmas lasts for 12 days (at least this is my excuse) 🙂 Wish I could have been there to help you out… and eat the cookies.

  3. Hello, and Merry Christmas. I USED to have lots of holiday baking traditions, but no longer. All that Crisco is off my list, and forget about butter. The only tradition left in this house is we go to the movies on Christmas day. It’s always packed, so I guess a lot of people do this now. Better than staying home and eating and eating. Also, we have no family down here, so it’s just D and me.

    These are the best Christmases of your life, and I know you will enjoy them, no matter how tired you are. Take lots of pictures. And I’m going to have to look up Peppernut cookies. Sounds great. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Glad you’re blogging again. Patsye

    1. Hi Patsye,

      Thanks for stopping by. We are definitely enjoying this time; it’s sure busy, but we are trying hard to take lots of photos and it’s so fun to look back even a couple months and see what’s changed. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

      1. I thought of you Christmas morning. I’m sure it was all you could imagine. I hope you’re feeling well and that the New Year brings more happiness. And, by the way, I looked up Peppernut cookies, and that is a very interesting recipe. Perhaps I’ll try it next year. Patsye

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