Boxes Boxes Boxes!

We are moving tomorrow, and are at the “pack what you can!” point.  There is so much that we have that is difficult to put in a box because we use it so often.  Clothes are difficult to “put away” even if we will end up finding them within a couple days.  Toys are a difficult thing to pack, because what’s a kid to do with no toys?!  And I won’t even begin to talk about the kitchen.  The bathroom?  Toothbrushes are a daily must-do, and I’m on the world’s top 10 list of people with difficult hair, which means a wash and blow-dry each morning … more stuff that I NEED and can’t put in a box.  That leaves pictures and bookshelves 🙂  Luckily for me, I have a husband who is logical and can make difficult scenarios like moving easier than first thought (or panic!)  First, we made a grocery and meal list for the week.  That way,  I knew what dishes I was making and what pots / pans I would be using, as well as which ingredients I wanted to keep available.  I also felt positive about the fact that we wouldn’t be eating out every night of the week; there would be some healthy options every day.  The rest of the pantry was gone through and besides some snacks and breakfast items that were plopped on the counter, put away into accessible boxes “just in case.”  I also gave in to Andres’ reasoning that I didn’t need 100+ cups / mugs in my cupboard.  If people were going to come visit me, probably 10 would do 🙂  So, we packed up a lot of the glassware and plates.  Second, we did a bit at a time.  We did start with the bookshelves and closets, and did a few boxes each day.  We left things out that we figured would be used within a week’s time and the rest got stuffed.  My Bunny’s toys were meticulously gone through and half were kept out for her to play with (the favourites of course) while the other ones “disappeared” once she was in bed.  It is pretty obvious that she has no idea that some of her things were highjacked 🙂  Mr. Potato Head is a pro at entertaining for a LONG time!  Third, put out an email to our friends asking if they might be able to help us with some of the bigger ticket items.  We got an overwhelming response; I think we are going to have 7+ men around to help with boxes / furniture.  The amount of people around to help was a bit of a relief for me, who, being 37 weeks pregnant, really had no chance of lifting ANYTHING.  Goodness, going up the stairs is getting difficult!  Fourth, and I don’t know if this is a helpful point or not, but we left our Bunny’s room pretty much untouched until we HAD TO.  She is very much a routine-oriented little girl, and we wanted to make sure that her space was the same as long as possible.  Tomorrow morning while she is at daycare, her room will be No. 1 priority to get moved from, and to, the new house as fast as possible.  Lastly, and don’t judge me!  We aren’t worrying about cleaning until everything is packed.  Our home for the past week in particular, has been a bit of a pig-sty.  The only thing we tried really hard to keep on top of were the dishes, so that we would have clean pots / pans to work with each day.

I know that tomorrow is going to be a BUSY day but I think with our plans in place, overall, it will go pretty smoothly.  Here’s hoping!  I will post pictures of the new house as soon as it looks decent 🙂  Wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “Boxes Boxes Boxes!

  1. Hope it all goes well this weekend! Sorry we can’t be there to help (we’re at Missions Fest in Vancouver with the Young Adults – I think Graham talked to Andres.) Maybe I can help with something next week? Cleaning? Cooking? Just let me know! Can’t wait to see your new place. : )

  2. Goodness. I can’t imagine what you went through. You are there by now, and hopefully nothing went wrong and Bunny took the move well. New house! How fun! Can’t wait to see the pictures.

    My life finally calmed down – as of this morning – with the completion of all my ceu’s and cpr and I’m done for the next two years. Yea!

    Take care of yourself. Don’t work too hard. Remember, those boxes will be there tomorrow, so don’t overdo it. Put your feet up, and drink plenty of fluids. Nurse’s orders. lol

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