Ducky’s birth story

Welcome to our beautiful Julianna Rose!

My due date came, but it didn’t come and go like I thought it would!  With Bunny, I was given a second, later date and even then, I felt as though I could be easily be pregnant for another couple weeks.  I was induced after a week and had to have an emergency c-section.

This time round, I felt finished by Christmas, and the last two months were a fight to the finish.  So, when I woke up at 3am on February 17 with cramps that felt suspiciously like my induction, I can’t lie, I was pretty excited!  They continued on through the day and by early afternoon we hit the hospital with contractions about 3 minutes apart.  Our doctor confirmed that we looked like we were on our way, and suggested that we break my water to keep up the pace.  I was quite nervous about this since the pain would probably jump a couple levels.  I liked the idea of the pain growing at a rate that my body would not notice so intensely, but I did have the option of pain medication, so in the end we did it.  By about 7pm I wanted an epideral 🙂  I was then informed that I would have to wait until the nurses shift change, the anesthetist would have to be called, and I would have to be prepped.  I got the epideral at 8:30 and it couldn’t have come sooner!  I was then 8-8 1/2 cm dialated, so I made it to “transition labour”  by myself.  I am actually thankful in hindsight that I understand what the pain is all about – last time I felt a bit jilted. (Wonder why?  That story is here)  By about 10pm I was pushing, but not making any headway.  About 11pm, my doctor wanted a second opinion.  We waited for the acting surgeon to come see; she took one good look and said to me pretty directly, Cindy, this is not going to work.  (What she told me afterwards was that the baby’s head was way too high and would not come down, and the baby was also looking in the wrong direction.  This is on top of the fact that I probably have something called Cephalo-pelvic disorder, which means that my pelvis is just too darn small to birth a baby, no matter how tiny.  Andres and I had wondered if this might be the case, as we had been told that we had a 60% chance of delivering naturally.  We were prepared for this reality, and I quickly gave the go ahead, knowing that there had already been other risks that we were a bit concerned about. (the heart rate going up and down quite a bit)  Because I had the epideral, 20 minutes later we were in the delivery room and at 19 minutes after midnight we became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl for a second time.

I had a difficult time during the surgery.  I had a cough and plugged nose and the epideral anesthetic made it impossible to cough (I was just too weak)  So I focused on breathing while everything was happening.  I was also very dry and had a hard time swallowing.  I had to continually ask for a wet cloth to wet my mouth.  As it turned out, our baby had been in quite a bit of distress herself; perhaps more than me.  She had high CO2 levels so wasn’t breathing very well, and because of a high acidity in the umbilical cord blood, the doctors needed to test her blood-work.  (She’s perfectly fine, thanks for asking 🙂 )  Andres went with her to the nursery while I was stitched up and then brought to recovery for a few hours.  I got to meet our little one about 2 hours after my epideral medication calmed down ( I shook like crazy for at least an hour while the medication left my system)  She is perfect!!!

Since I had the c-section, we stayed in the hospital for 2 nights and got to leave on the third day.  Our parents both watched our Bunny and she did fabulous with the grandparents.  We are so happy to be home, and the transition from one to two has been a bit difficult (since I’m not allowed to do anything; apparently a c-section is pretty major surgery 😉 ) but Andres has stepped up his role of playmate / daddy and the gramas have been exceptional.  My mom is staying with us for two weeks to do a lot of the cooking / cleaning / other mommy duties.  We have been very blessed with all the help and support we have had.

Here are some pictures for you to see of our beautiful Julianna Rose, born on February 18, 2012, at 00:19, weighing 8lbs 9 oz.

VERY proud Mommy with her two girls

VERY proud dadoo with his two beauties

Hours after birth

As a note, we would prefer no photos on facebook without asking first; thanks in advance 🙂


9 thoughts on “Ducky’s birth story

  1. Congrats Cindy and Andres ! Sounds like you’ll have your hand full for the next while. Hope I’l be able to see the little ones soon!
    xo Lot’s of Love from 217 and 207 Middle cove road!

  2. Congrats!! Your mom and Andres told me a bit about the birth story, but you and I never talked about it. I can’t wait to meet Ducky and to give you and elanie a hug.

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