A New Goal

So, I have finally made it back.  I would not have thought I would be away so long and yet, I can’t believe that time has moved so fast!  It feels as though just yesterday I was posting about my newborn and she is now almost eight months old.  I have found time to paint here and there, but only recently have I found that my oldest enjoys painting as much as I do.  So, when my Ducky goes down for her morning nap, Bunny and I head downstairs and get our paint brushes out.  I don’t know how long she will enjoy painting alongside me, but I am enjoying our time together.  We visit and she asks for “mo tolours mama”.  I oblige her and give her a dab of all her favourites.  Within seconds it is all on her canvas in a big muddy blob and she asks for more.  I don’t get a lot done on my own images, but a bit here and there is much more than I’ve accomplished in a long while.  Sometimes Bunny just watches me and asks about the wobbles.  Sometimes she wants to copy but of course, most of the time she is so busy painting her own picture that she is quiet, smearing the paint to each corner, dabbing and dooting.  I am going to have a hard time not keeping all her masterpieces!

I think I have a new paint goal in mind as well.  You might remember my Art in the Park day a couple years back.  I would love to participate again, and writing about my work will keep me painting!  I think I will need a minimum of 30 pieces to make it worthwhile, so I hope you will keep tabs on me as I try to create 30 new pieces over the course of about six months.  Leave me comments, give me any ideas you might have and I might take you up on them!  And don’t mind the changes – a new goal means a different look too – I think I’ll be changing it a lot over the next few days to see what I really like.

I’m not going to post a picture this time, that will be my reason to get back into the blog habit over the course of the next few days.  It feels good to be back!


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