A wobble castle (#3)

Wobble Castle
Wobble Castle

I don’t know if you remember this one or not, but this one has been half done for quite some time.  (check out here and here for my progress) I don’t know what stopped me from finishing.  Most often I don’t finish something because I’ve gotten bored with my idea or I don’t like the colors (this unfortunately happens to me semi regularly).  I always liked the composition and the colour scheme of the castle.  Who knows?!  Either way, it got stashed with quite a few other “unfinisheds” up until about 2 months ago when I found it and got excited about it appearing on one of my walls.  Most of the hard work had already been done; all I needed to do was add most of the outlining.  The result was a real hit for me.  I have done black and white images before and tried my hand at mixed media, but to my knowledge I have never kept my palette to a few colours.

While on the topic of “unfinisheds” when do you feel that a project is worth giving up on, or permanently changing?  When you do decide that a project is not worth your time anymore, is it a failed experiment or a lucky mistake (because you get to reuse your materials and potentially create a much more successful piece) ?  Are you happy to be rid of your piece or sad to see it go?  I did a paint-over yesterday.  My image is now gone forever, and I’m a bit sad over it.  I had painted it about two years ago and it never got a lot of attention.  Andres didn’t particularly like it (although he liked the idea behind the painting)  I wasn’t ever sure how I felt about it. I really liked it, yet agreed that it was missing something.  So, yesterday I attempted to add that something.  It didn’t give it the necessary umph and the result was a painting I liked less than before.  And just like that, I was done!  I didn’t want to see it anymore, and it was whited out within an hour.  I wouldn’t call myself an especially eclectic person.  I don’t keep every piece of art I make and I’m happy to sell or give my art to others.  But for some reason, I’m sad about this one.  I hope after I do a few more paintings I’m ready for attempting the idea a second time.


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