Painted Baby Gifts

I have painted quite a few gifts for new babies over the years, many in different styles and sizes.  Many of them are some sort of reflection on the parents.  Sometimes I ask in advance and we work together to create a painting.  Collaborating is fun and challenging.  It can be difficult to try and understand what someone wants especially if they have a very specific idea.  Good communication is always the key.  When I collaborate I often make concept images and we change or add as need be.  Most of the time we get in synch within 2-3 concept images.  On the other hand, it is a lot of fun to surprise someone with a painting, because it is an uncommon gift.

These four paintings didn’t take all that long, but I think they turned out really well.  I like using pastels often for baby paintings.  My Wobble paintings usually don’t do well in muted colors – I have tried before with devastating results. ( it usually means painting over or restarting ). I did use some complementary colors and I used the main colors in such a way as to loop the viewer’s eye.  As you may have noticed, the castle has a pink background, and the shoe in the blue one is pink.  The shoe background is blue, and the carriage is blue.  The background of the carriage is yellow, and the crown is yellow, and so on etc.  I also designed a small border and painted one side on each canvas in order to make a box when the set was together.

Do you like the four images?  Do you think it feels complete?  What sort of images might work for a little boy?


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