Nanny Wobbles (#1)

Nanny Wobbles

Normally Andres and I try to imagine up ideas for my Wobbles paintings.  I like them to be as original as possible (what I mean is no outside sources).  However, sometimes jumping off from someone else’s idea (to make it my own of course) is just too good to pass by.  We have been watching a lot of Disney’s “Mary Poppins” lately since we have a two year old in our house.  Andres thought it might be fun to have a wobble coming down with her umbrella to land on someone’s doorstep.  At first I was skeptical and couldn’t see how that type of image could fit compositionally onto a long narrow canvas.  It is difficult to use a large part of a canvas for a tall building because of its vertical nature.  Since it is so big and takes up so much space, it becomes a challenge to draw interest from the up-down nature of the building back into the rest of the picture.  Also, I have to be careful how to draw interest back in; overdoing detail or using too much colour in the rest of the picture makes it just looks busy.  The rest of the image needs to be colorful, but not overly so,otherwise you end up with the other side of the canvas looking too busy once again.  It’s all a balance!

After talking about it for a while, Andres tried to draw me a concept, and I took over once I understood his idea.  We changed the image around quite a bit, and the colour blocking took a lot of work.  Computer colors (we do our concepts through a computer program because you can change the colours around so easily!) are not always very true to what the actual colours look like, but I think the final product will turn out well.  Once it is finished you can tell me if it is eye-catching and appealing colour wise.

Do you have a favourite movie that would be fun to turn into a painting?


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