Craft Fair Art


It’s funny how sometimes you go looking for goals and then they find you instead.  Last Tuesday I was asked by a friend if I might want to consider being part of a craft fair, and a large one at that.  I jumped at the chance.  An opportunity for others to see my art?  Yes!  The possibility of selling perhaps one or more?  Yes!  Then, after I came out of the clouds, I remembered … oh yeah, what does my inventory look like?  (well, lets say I have about 10 paintings total in my basement ready to go)  So, I have been painting every spare moment I have and my housework has suffered.  But only for about ten more days. Hopefully by then I’ll have some things to decorate my table.  I have been doing a lot of smaller pieces since they would be more affordable to buy.  Which brings me to my question for you … what comes to your mind when you think of craft fairs, and what sort of audience am I looking at?  I think of card and soap tables.  Do you think of nice things to buy, or inexpensive ornaments?  Also, do you think of Christmas items, or all year round items?  I can’t stop thinking of the ornaments …

So, back to the inventory problem; my mind started drumming up ideas and hasn’t stopped since.  I have been painting one to two canvases a day in hopes that I’ll have about fifteen to twenty smaller pieces set up, alongside a few bigger ones that I have done already.  In order to best use my canvas supply I painted over three more images 🙂  I think the new images are better and hopefully they will be better received.  I’ll leave you with the following image – that first night when my brain couldn’t stop thinking about what to paint, I drew up this idea, and I really like the result.  I’ve never used words in Wobble paintings before, so this is another first.  I tried to give the night time sky some texture and the snowflakes really help.  The snow has a bit of blue in it to give the impression of some shadows.  Even though the Wobbles are the only other colour, I think they stand out since they are the colour boost.  I made two others, one with the word HOPE,  and another with LOVE.  Any ideas for more short words that might fit well for a craft fair?


5 thoughts on “Craft Fair Art

  1. Hi Cindy, When I go to a craft fair if I am going to pick up something seasonal I usually go with smaller and less expensive. If I am going to put out big $$$ it will be for something that I would consider could be passed down to other family members. They may be called craft fairs but the vendors are more often artists.

    I was at a quilt and craft fair on the weekend. I have been looking for a handmade queen size quilt for a while. Well I found it at that craft fair. I don’t go to a lot of craft fairs and is is the first time I have been to this one since we moved to Sudbury 13 years ago. Right person, right place, right time.

    I like your use of the word “joy” in your painting. Though it tends to limit it to be a more seasonal (Christmas) piece especially with the mistletoe. Using more generic words such as “Winter Wishes” would expand the season. Not saying this is better just different.

    Keep up the great work, your paintings always make me smile!


  2. Hi Cind,
    I love the Christmas painting you did for me a few years ago, it is nice to change the art work and look at something different for a few weeks. You may consider doing that again for the craft fair.

    Craft fairs make me think of smaller, less expensive stuff, but then again people are shopping for unique items at a craft fair. Good luck!!

  3. I think it really varies….craft fairs can have both, artists with expensive work, and then the less expensive crafts. Together they make up a good fair.

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