Painted Canvas Magnets

“Winter Theme”

I painted quite a few of these mini canvas magnets for my day at Art in the Park a few years ago and they were very popular.  I suppose it’s nice to purchase something handmade that is unique and still affordable.  These small canvases are two inches by two inches.  If I’m on the ball I can do four in an hour, so they are affordable for me to make as well.  I have made different sets before (see here and here if you’re curious!) but not a winter set.  I thought since the craft fair I’m participating in is a Winter craft fair, these might do well.  I still want to paint one more to make them a set of three, and I’m thinking that some Wobbles on a chair lift might be cute.  Other ideas I’m debating are sledding, or skating.

Painting in an assembly line is certainly efficient!  I like that I can continue to paint while the other paint is drying.  On a bigger canvas, that isn’t an issue since the size is big enough to work on something else and not be in the way of the wet paint.  I find using the assembly line to also be efficient in terms of not wasting paint.  I try and paint all one colour at the same time, and then I move onto another colour.  And, if I need to do a second coat of a certain colour, since I am finished all four within an hour, the paint on my palette will not have dried yet.  Wasting paint when painting a larger canvas often gets the better of me.  I try and paint from the background towards the foreground so detail goes on top of detail, not the other way around (I’ve tried that and gotten extremely frustrated!)  In this manner, if for example the sky is blue, and there are some small details in the foreground of the painting that I want to use the same blue for, I will usually not paint them until the entire background and middleground is all done.    This will almost always be at a different time, so new paint has to be used / mixed.

Anyways, I like the way these two turned out, and if I was to pick the one I like better I’d say the snowman, but only because I love the little extra that the snowflakes give it.  I’m still painting at least one piece a day, so my collection for the show is growing fast.  (Where I’m finding the time to do this is unbeknownst to me!)  Have a wonderful Friday!


4 thoughts on “Painted Canvas Magnets

  1. These r great Christmas gift ideas! I was looking through your gallery of the other magnets you’ve done. I especially love the ones that connect like a puzzle. 🙂 When & where is the winter craft fair?

    1. Hi Megan, I am in the Northshore Community centre Winter Craft Fair. It is on November 3. If you want any more information let me know! Thanks for visiting

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