Fairytale paintings

Fairytale Set

I love painting princess themed pictures.  They are easy from a number of perspectives.  First of all, as a child I loved princesses.  Second, I have two daughters who like princesses.  However, not everyone likes this theme.  I was trying to think outside the box a bit but was having trouble.  A good friend of mine suggested knights and dragons!  What a great idea!  What a perfect third painting to make a set.  The idea was there, but I have never drawn much less painted a dragon, so this concept took a couple days to materialize.  I wanted the dragon to fit the Wobble theme, so no facial expressions, and it had to be simple.  Also, just a personal preference here, but I didn’t want it to look scary; Wobbles are cheerful, whimsical characters; frightening is not an adjective I would want to have associated with them.  I think it turned out quite well!

To date, I have 13 smaller paintings finished and 8 magnets.  By this coming Friday, I hope to have a total of 15 smaller paintings and a minimum of 20 magnets done for the craft fair (this Saturday).  That makes for a busy week, but based on my output the past week and a bit, I think it can be done!  Stay tuned for more pictures.


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