The same good friend who inspired my knight and dragon wobbles also sent me an idea for pirates.  Pirate wobbles I thought might work really well because Pirates can take bright colour.  So, I started on the beach and almost changed my idea.  I liked the sky / sea combination so much that I just about turned it into a sunset walk with two wobbles.  Luckily for this painting, I asked my father-in-law as well as my husband and the romantic beach walk was vetoed twice!  I really wanted to have a little treasure chest in there as well, as it was a good and easy way to incorporate the necessary yellow into the painting.  (This by the way is usually done with the sun, but the stormy sky didn’t allow for this add-in.)

This painting has a wobble exception; one of the characters has an accessory on the face.  (Obviously a must for pirates though!)  I default with no accessories because it is much easier to add yourself into the painting’s narrative if you feel that you fit there.  If I were to add glasses to a wobble and you didn’t wear glasses, that makes it more difficult to feel connected to the story that the painting is trying to tell.  I think in this case it works regardless 🙂  While painting some of my magnets, I almost added some mouths because the wobbles are caroling.  In that case, it just didn’t look right, so I took them out and added music notes instead.  Most of the time, there are other ways to add details without facial additions.

I’m coming down to the end of my timeline.  The craft fair is on Saturday, so two more days to go.  I have high expectations for these next couple days.  I’ll keep posting pictures as I finish.


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