Winter Paintings

The Sledding Hill

So, I’m back after a short break from painting.  I needed to focus on making sure my house wasn’t completely neglected!  During the last week I also attended another art / craft fair and was thoroughly inspired!  I must be part of that one next year.  It was so big, and full of fun, unique vendors.  I think I’d fit right in 🙂

Now that my small projects are finished for the time being, it is time to start focussing on some larger canvases again.  I am going to revisit my Wobble Poppins painting and I’ll post an updated version shortly.  I also have big ideas for a Wobble zoo on a big 30″ by 30″ canvas.  I think this will be a lot of fun, almost too exciting to wait for the Wobble Poppins!  I just may work on two at once.  But, in the meantime, I will post a winter themed picture since it snowed this week in Kamloops.  I love the snow and have had lots of fun making snowmen and eating snow with my little ones.  From my Bunny’s perspective (my eldest if you haven’t read my early posts about my kids) this Winter will be new since she recently was given her first pair of skis. If you have snow at your house I hope you are having fun.  Look forward to my Wobble Poppins picture soon to be posted!


3 thoughts on “Winter Paintings

  1. No snow here in Victoria, but I hope we get at least one day this year. We really want Sawyer to have some expereince with snow. We opted not to buy winter boots or a snow suit as it is not worth it for the little snow we do get. We will look forward to your snow pictures :0).

    1. Yay for snow! We enjoyed it while it lasted, but unfortunately it’s all melted now. Hopefully there will be more soon. Love the idea of a wobble zoo.

  2. Skis!!! I must have forgotten how old the “older” one is. Your paintings get better and better. I expect to see you in the card shop or with your own cartoon show soon. Happy Holidays. Patsye

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